Caught at the Chinese customs, he had 84 SSDs hidden in his scooter


This rather funny story took place at China’s Guangdong-Macau customs, at the Qinqmao station. A man was trying to smuggle a large quantity of SSDs, 84 in total. He hid them in his electric scooter. Unluckily, the cargo was quickly spotted by the customs officers.

84 SSDs hidden in his scooter, he was caught by the Chinese customs!

Duane chinoise SSD kingston

For the blow, we learn that the anonymous person took advantage of the miniaturization of the components to hide them in his electric scooter. Indeed, to try to pass the customs, she placed them in the steering column of her scooter. However, if the trick was good, it did not prevent the customs officers from scanning the machine with X-rays, which revealed the deception.

Once the SSDs were spotted, it turns out that they fit like a glove in the steering column of the scooter, a Yadea KS. Of course, the merchandise was protected to prevent it from getting damaged during transport.

It seems that a lot of things are happening at the Chinese customs. Last year, we heard about a shipment of 160 Intel CPUs attached to the skin of a smuggler… When it’s not deliberately mislabeled cards that trying to get through.

Duane chinoise SSD kingston

At this time, we have no idea of the value of the merchandise or the penalty for the smuggler.