cablemod launches an even safer 12VHPWR v1.1 adapter!


The 12VHPWR is a difficult connector to tame, since as soon as it appeared, graphics cards started to burn. Then came CableMod with its cable extensions and adapter. Even the company specializing in power cables couldn’t contain the ardor of this new connector! This time, the brand gives it another try with 90° and 180° adapters v1.1.

12VHPWR v1.1: CableMod tries to tame the connector… Once again!

cablemod 12VHPWR v1.1

CableMod announces a new version of its famous adapter. Version 1.1 comes with a number of improvements. The first of these is to offer a 12V-2×6 connector, rather than the classic classic connector. If you remember, the latter is more secure than the original model, thanks to shorter signal pins and slightly longer power pins. This prevents the PC from starting up if the connector isn’t pushed in far enough, as the signal pins no longer make contact. On the power side, overheating is reduced thanks to better contact on the pins that carry the current.

Otherwise, the other two improvements made by the brand are mechanical. CableMod announces:

  • The male connector will be further tightened.
  • Lateral play on the adapter will be eliminated.

These are the two main faults that plagued the previous version. Once plugged in, the force exerted by the power connector meant that the adapter could no longer be sufficiently depressed. And if the 12VHPWR isn’t properly inserted, we know what the consequences can be!