Blackwell: TSMC’s 3nm B100 GPU for late 2024?


After initial rumors about Blackwell, the next generation of NVIDIA cards is back in the news. This time, things are tending to be confirmed: the greens are indeed opting for 3 nm production from TSMC!

Blackwell: towards 3nm from TSMC!

TSMC company

Little by little, things are progressing on the NVIDIA side, and it would appear that the deal is done between Green and TSMC. Clearly, the chameleon is entrusting the production of its GB100, a large chip dedicated to AI, to TSMC. For this, NVIDIA would opt for a 3 nm etch. However, bear in mind that this process currently poses a serious challenge to the company, which seems to lack production capacity. For this reason, NVIDIA’s GB100 would not see the light of day until the end of 2024, apparently in the fourth quarter. By then, NVIDIA should be able to mass-produce 3nm chips.

As for the GB100, once again, this would be a professional board aimed at the artificial intelligence market. As is currently the case with the H100, it is likely to sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, this is a model that should opt for a so-called MCM design, a first for NVIDIA.

nvidia blackwell
nvidia blackwell

At present, the greens have a privileged position in the artificial intelligence hardware sector. Blackwell is set to add to this position by enabling the greens to acquire advanced chips. For example, AMD is set to launch its 5nm RADEON Instinct MI300 this year, while Intel is expected to launch its 5nm Gaudi 3 next year.

Finally, NVIDIA estimates that this sector will be worth some $300 billion by 2027. No doubt it’s a juicy market.