Biostar offers a BIH61-AHA with legacy PCI!


The Biostar brand announces a new motherboard with its BIH61-AHA, a board featuring five PCI connectors. Clearly, the board isn’t the stuff of dreams, but it’s intended for industrial applications, so it’s forgivable!

BIH61-AHA: a Biostar board with five legacy PCI connectors!

Biostar BIH61-AHABiostar’s ATX-format motherboard is equipped with a LGA-1700 socket. As far as the chipset is concerned, we’re dealing with a small H610, in short, it will support Intel’s twelfth-, thirteenth- and fourteenth-generation processors.

As for memory, there are two DDR5 slots for up to 96 GB of RAM at 5600 MT/s. As for storage, we have an M.2(PCIe 3.0 x2) coupled with four SATA III. For the rest, we have a PCIe x16 coupled with a second x4 connector. Nevertheless, the presence of five old PCI connectors is noteworthy. While these connectors have disappeared from our everyday PCs, this is clearly not the case in the industry.

On the rear, there are two Ethernet ports, one in Intel I219V (1 GbE), the other in i225-V (2.5 GbE). Two RS232/422/485 connectors are also present, in addition toUSB, video outputs and audio (ALC897).

Here’s the Biostar product sheet!