ASRock releases bios for the 14900KS!


From ASRock, we find new bios for the brand’s Intel motherboards. With the recent launch of the Core i9 14900KS, the brand is offering updates to fully support this new CPU. In fact, we did receive a copy for testing… But belatedly. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with a test of this processor.

ASRock: bios for the 14900KS!

ASRock 14900KS

As a reminder, with this CPU, Intel is offering us a truly extreme reference capable of reaching 6.2 GHz in boost mode. However, these frequencies come at the expense of sometimes delirious heating and power consumption. In our Cinebench test, the CPU reached 100°C with a custom watercooling loop equipped with a 480 mm radiator. As for power consumption, some media reported 374W stock and 508W with Power Limits removed!

Finally, to support such a monster on an ASRock motherboard, you’ll need to update your bios. Once again, there’s no secret: you can find the bios update directly on the ASRock website. We’ve also learned that 600 and 700 series motherboards are compatible. As for the procedure to follow, the brand describes how to proceed via this link. However, be careful not to choose too entry-level a model, or your board could end up being very expensive!