ASRock: an overclocking record with a $110 motherboard!


Quite often, when we tell you about overclocking records, we’re talking about high-end hardware. The latest, a RAM frequency record, was achieved with a Crosshair X670E Gene… Not exactly a top-budget card. This time, we focus on a 7-Zip record… With a $110 ASRock motherboard…

An ASRock B650M-HDV/M.2 to break a 7-Zip record!

ASRock B650M-HDV2/M.2 record overclocking 7-ZIP

Canadian overclocker SaltyCroissant achieved this feat. The clocker ‘s configuration was based on an entry-level motherboard from ASRock, the famous B650M-HDV/M.2, paired with a Ryzen 7950X processor which reached a frequency of 6831.8 MHz. And yet, the board isn’t particularly well-suited to the OC: the power supply stage alone is ok, but it’s no picnic either (8 2 1 phases).

However, to keep the processor’s heat under control, there’s no choice but to pull out all the stops: liquid nitrogen. In any case, this is the type of cooling used to achieve this new record.

Speaking of scores, it’s worth noting that with this configuration, SaltyCroissant managed to achieve 306,686 MIPS. This may not be an absolute world record, but it puts him in the lead in the 16-core CPU and Ryzen 9 7950X categories!

It just goes to show that, when it comes to overclocking, it’s not always necessary to have hardware worth hundreds and thousands.

Here’s the Salty Croissant score!