Arc A380: Intel’s GPU is now in Europe for 189 €!


The adventure of Intel on the graphics card market continues. This time, the news is good because the small Arc A380 of the brand lands on the European market. The Challenger ITX version of ASRock is now available at the German reseller MindFactory!

Arc A380: the card available for 189 € at MindFactory!

ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITXAs a reminder, with this model, ASRock offers us a small graphics card, rather compact. Indeed, it comes in a dual slot format and measures 19 cm in length. The cooling system remains basic with a machined aluminum block and a single fan.

Internally, we find an ACM-G11 GPU with 8 Xe cores, 128 XMX and 1024 FP32 cores. The memory (6 GB) has a bandwidth of 186 GB, justified by the presence of a bus of 96 bits and a frequency of 15.5 Gbps. In terms of frequency, this card signed ASRock is overclocked from the factory and operates at 2250 MHz base, against 2000 MHz for the reference card. ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITX MindFactory For the price, it will cost 189 € from the German retailer MindFactory. It’s good news to see the card arrive in Europe. Previously, if you wanted to get one, you had to go through import. Either the Gunnir model was imported from China, or this ASRock version from the US via Newegg.