A380 Challenger ITX: ASRock’s card shows up on Newegg for $140


Intel graphics cards are starting to arrive. Recently, we were talking about the little Arc A380 Challenger ITX from ASRock. The card in question was recently announced by the Chinese branch of the brand and we even had a price in China. This time, we learn that this card is coming to the Western market, more precisely to the United States.

A380 Challenger ITX: count $139 at Newegg in the US !

ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITXAs a reminder, this model is intended for the most compact configurations with its length limited to 17 cm. Moreover, the cooling is also simplified to a simple block of machined aluminum topped by a simple fan. Moreover, given the announced TBP of 75W, no need for more. With this, this model has a factory overclocking that shows 250 MHz more than the reference frequency. For their part, the 6GB of GDDR6 operate at 15.5Gbps, which, coupled with their 96-bit bus, helps to provide a memory bandwidth of 186GB/s. Finally, what interests us most here is the availability of the card in the West. The American site Newegg lists this model at a price of $139,99. From there, we can assume that the availability in Europe should not be long… Especially since the French branch of ASRock ‘s website now lists the card’s technical specifications.

Here is the ASRock datasheet !