Antec launches its P20C and P20CE cases for ~€125!


Antec introduces new cases to the market with its P20C and P20CE. The new cases feature three basic fans and a perforated front panel for improved airflow.

P20C & P20CE: two cases that should breathe well!

Antec P20C P20CE
The P20C on the left, the CE model on the right

In the program, we find cases in medium tower format measuring 220 (W) x 469 (D) x 490 (H) mm. The weight will vary according to the model with a “C” showing 8.1 kg on the scale against 7.21 kg for the “CE”.

Internally, we have a pretty nice accounting with motherboards. The support with E-ATX cards is assured, ditto for the more compact formats in ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX.

The storage part remains quite classic with two 2.5″ slots completed by a HDD cage. The latter can accommodate up to two 2.5″/3.5″ units.

For the rest of the components, we have 170 mm of height for the CPU cooler. As for the graphics card, we count up to 375 mm. On the power supply side, without the hard disk cage, we have a clearance of 410 mm, 205 mm with the cage.

Finally, the ventilation is rather complete. We count three 120mm fans installed at the front. If desired, we can even add six more: three at the top, one at the back and two on the power supply cover. As for watercooling, we have compatibility with 360 mm radiators at the top and front.

We quickly finish by mentioning the presence of a support for graphics card or strips to facilitate wiring. Otherwise, a number of cable passages are included. Note that they have rubber covers to perfect the assembly.

As for the price, it will cost about 125 €! Ah, and the difference between these two models? Simply the side panel that changes, tempered glass for the P20C against steel panel for the P20CE.

Here and there the technical data sheets of Antec !