And an M.2 MS-1 heatsink from Thermaltake, one!


After announcing its power supplies, Thermaltake is back with a new product: the MS-1. This is a heatsink for M.2 format SSDs, featuring active ventilation and a single heat pipe to dissipate the watts generated by your storage unit.

MS-1: an M.2 heatsink for SSDs !

This new cooling system is designed for SSDs in M.2 2280 format. Its dimensions are 23 (W) x 74 (D) x 17.9 (H) mm.

As can be seen, it features a machined aluminum block in which fins are formed. The base, meanwhile, benefits from a flat copper heat pipe to distribute the heat emitted by your storage unit. Then, a tiny 20 mm fan is responsible for cooling everything.

Once again, you’ll have to watch out for the noise emitted by this type of fan. Here, we’re dealing with a model running at 8,000 rpm. At full speed, airflow reaches 0.44 CFM, while static pressure rises to 1.6 mmH2O.

All that remains is to find out the price, which the brand has not yet announced.

Here’s the Thermaltake product sheet!