AMD vs Intel in Tesla, what’s the point?


AMD and Tesla had signed a partnership to equip the next cars of the brand with Ryzen processors and GPU RDNA 2. Here is a first performance test between a Model 3 equipped with an Intel CPU and the Model Y with a Ryzen. While we are immersed in the war AMD vs Intel for our PCs, some Chinese media are passionate about “bencher” the performance of products of these two companies on Tesla…

A notable performance gain thanks to AMD

AMD Tesla

At Computex 2021 last May, AMD had announced the arrival of RDNA2 (Navi 23) graphics cards on the next Tesla cars, but it seems that its GPUs are accompanied by Ryzen processors whose undisclosed model would have similar characteristics to the PS5 (so an 8-core Zen 2).

This APU which equips the new Model Y performance has been tested against the old CPU equipping the Model 3, an Intel Atom A3950 of Goldmont architecture with 4 cores and frequencies between 800 MHz for the base and 2000 MHz in boost.

AMD Intel Tesla AMD Intel Tesla

Obviously, given the differences in characteristics, the Ryzen manages to be between 3 and 4 times faster in launching applications and video games or in loading the GPS map. On the navigation side too, the Ryzen stands out with a better fluidity in the menus which is less jerky.

As you can see, the impact on performance is only relevant to the navigation system and the vehicle’s multimedia tools. Do not expect an overclocking to increase the autonomy or the performances of the vehicle. 🙂