AMD Ryzen get their performance back under Windows 11


After a small period of stress but especially as announced by Microsoft and AMD, the latest Windows 11 update (KB5006746) and the new AMD chipset driver ( allow Ryzen processors to return to a normal performance level under the new OS.

Ryzen Windows 11
Left before the patches / Right after the patches

You have probably followed this story but the problem that affected excklusively the Ryzen concerned the management of the AMD system of ” favorite cores” which is a particularity of the Ryzen. Under Windows 11 this management was altered so that applications that depend on one or a few cores lost performance. The icing on the cake was a notable loss of performance due to the latency of the L3 cache, which was multiplied by six, making the whole thing even worse.

The patches for Ryzen on Windows 11 are here

The cache problem has been fixed with a Windows update called KB5006746. As for the “favorite cores ” issue, you just have to install the aMD Chipset Driver Software package . Once these two patches are installed, your AMD Ryzen processor should no longer show any performance loss. Note however that many have made a fuss about this story but the actual loss of performance was not apparent to all users. The problems seemed to be localized when running certain applications after installing the Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft has never officially communicated the details of these applications.

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