Alder Lake: the return of the delid / IHS copper


Intel having been left behind for a long time, some people have forgotten this deep trend in the world of performance enthusiasts: uncapping the CPU to take care of the IHS. However, the return of Intel with Alder Lake also announces the return of the good times for delid technology enthusiasts.

delid alder lake The observation is always the same: first of all, between the IHS and the CPU die, the paste used is never of great quality and above all its application is not uniform. Secondly, the IHS is never a perfect flat surface, thus limiting the contact points with the cooling solution.

Up to 15°c less with a custom IHS?

The manufacturer of stripping tools RockItCool, has announced its latest Copper IHS kit for 12th generation Intel Alder Lake processors, claiming up to 15 ° C lower temperatures. The particularity of this IHS, apart from being a copper, a material very conductive of heat, is to have a surface 9.5% higher than the original IHS. While remaining perfectly compatible with the socket, this increase in surface area obviously favors thermal conduction with your cooling solution.

delid alder lake For enthusiasts and especially overclockers, the delidging operation is rather simple. But you should not forget that it always involves a risk of permanently damaging your processor. Finally, for those who are wondering, yes, this operation makes you lose the warranty permanently. We will soon test the IHS copper and give you our feedback on its interest in different phases of use.