AKASA offers a new CPU cooling unit: the ALUCIA H4A


AKASA now offers the ALUCIA H4A, a discreet air-type CPU cooler for AMD AM5 and AM4 sockets. The fan is pre-installed, and the cooler has a Z-height of just under 30 mm. The finned heatsink is very compact and the fan is slimline.

akasa lucia

Design and appearance

The cooler can handle AMD Ryzen processors with a ” TDP ” of up to 95 W. The design involves a nickel-plated copper base located between a factory-fitted retention module. From this base run four 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes. Heat is routed to an aluminum finned heatsink, ventilated by a 92 mm fan.

akasa lucia

Technical data

The ALUCIA H4A measures 94 mm x 94 mm x 29.5 mm (WxDxH), weighing 232 g. Its 92 mm ball-bearing fan is rated at 40,000 hours by its designers. It accepts a 4-pin ” PWM ” input and runs at speeds between 800 and 3,600 rpm. It pushes a maximum airflow of 40 ” CFM “, and a static pressure of 2.2 mm H₂O and noise between 17 and 35.8 dBA.

Here’s the AKASA datasheet:

akasa lucia

The price has not yet been revealed. For more information on the product: click here.