AK620 Zero Dark Zoria: a DeepCool fan cooled in the image of the game!


DeepCool is back with a new variant of its flagship heatsink: the AK620. This time, the heatsink has been given a game name, a turn-based RPG: Zoria: Age of Shattering. In short, the AK620 Zero Dark Zoria!

AK620 Zero Dark Zoria: a heatsink featuring the game of the same name!

Naturally, this cooler is based on the Zero Dark version of DeepCool’s double-tower heatsink. The result is a completely black fan, from the fins to the heat pipes. However, as this is a collaborative version, the top covers feature illustrations related to the aforementioned game. Finally, yellow is applied to the edges of the latter, as well as to the fan blades. Clearly, it looks pretty good.

The rest of the specifications highlight dimensions of 129 (W) x 138 (D) x 160 (H) mm. The base is still made of nickel-plated copper, while a total of six copper heat pipes, each 6 mm thick, continue to run through it. Otherwise, the fins still feature an original crenellated pattern.

DeepCool AK620 Zero Dark Zoria

Ventilation is provided by two fans operating at up to 1850 rpm. At full speed, the unit will generate 68.99 CFM of airflow and 2.19 mmH2O of static pressure.

The invoice is announced at €79.99 with availability announced for today.

Here’s the DeepCool product sheet!