Acer’s RTX 4090 Liquid Cooled, a great idea but…


Today, we’re going to talk about a graphics card, an OEM model produced by Acer. However, despite this OEM aspect, it’s clearly an original product that’s off the beaten track. The RTX 4090 Liquid Cooled benefits from an original cooling system. This is integrated in place of the aluminum fin block!

RTX 4090 Liquid Cooler: it’s a good idea, but it’s not crazy either..

Acer RTX 4090 Liquid Cooled

Broadly speaking, the card is only available via the company’s Orion pre-assembled systems. It does, however, feature an interesting watercooling system. On this model, the company integrates the radiator directly in place of the fin/duct block of a more traditional board. Finally, a copper base cools the GPU and memory, and directly integrates a pump. A backplate is included, as is a matte-black fairing with two fans blowing on the radiator.

While the idea is interesting on paper, in reality, the performance is less than ideal. After a few tests (conducted by KitGuru), it turns out that the boost frequency isn’t as high as the competition. The card reaches 2644 MHz, whereas an MSI Suprim Liquid reaches 2760 MHz with the Silence bios and 2820 MHz in Gaming mode.

As for temperatures, the situation is far from rosy, since the card turns out to be the hottest in our peer’s comparison. The GPU reaches 75.8°C, with a hotspot of 85°C. Memory is also hot, with 96°C measured on VRAM. That’s 12°C more than NVIDIA’s Founders Edition, the second-worst card.

As a result, the card also happens to be the noisiest due to its high temperatures. Inevitably, the more it heats up, the more you have to blow to cool it down.

In short, while the integration of the liquid cooling system is original, in reality, the performance doesn’t live up to expectations.