A redditor tests his RTX 6000 Ada on 3DMark Time Spy !


Direction Reddit where a user got hold of the latest professional card from NVIDIA: the RTX 6000 Ada Generation. As a reminder, this is a model with an almost complete AD102 GPU. Let’s also remember the selling price of this card: $6800! In short, the person took the opportunity to disassemble it and put it on 3DMark Time Spy.

RTX 6000 Ada Generation: a small 30500 pts on Time Spy!

RTX 6000 Ada GenerationBefore talking about the result of the card, a word about the heatsink used by the latter. Indeed, for its pro cards, NVIDIA uses a turbine type heatsink. Above, we can see the heatsink using a steam chamber on which fins are mounted.

As a reminder, if the card has a GPU more complete than that of an RTX 4090 (14 SM more), it is more limited by its TDP. Indeed, this pro model has a TDP of only 300W against 450W for the 4090. This is what allows NVIDIA to continue to offer dual slot blower heatsinks.

RTX 6000 Ada Generation Time Spy

Having said that, we can now move on to the Time Spy score which shows 30,518 pts on the graphics part. If we compare it with the RTX 4090, it represents 15% less. Once again, this pro card is less fast than its gaming rival since the frequencies are 915 MHz/2505 MHz (base/boost) against 2235 MHz/2520 MHz (base/boost). The same goes for the memory bandwidth which goes from 1008 GB/s for the 4090 to 960 GB/s. All these sacrifices have for goal to maximize the life of the product which has for goal to work in an intensive way on long periods.

Moreover, the redditor also takes the opportunity to give some figures related to the temperature which reached 85°C under full load. In these conditions, the ventilation (radial) was working at 70% of its capacity.