A NAS motherboard with an i7 8705G and AMD RX Vega iGPU!


Aliexpress offers a Topton motherboard, an ITX model designed for NAS use. However, it can also integrate systems such as home firewalls and routers. In short, what interests us here is the configuration of such a model.

Topton: a NAS motherboard equipped with an i7 8705G and an RX Vega asiGPU!

Topton carte mère NAS i7 8705G RX VegaThe program features a 17×17 cm mini-ITX motherboard. It features two DDR4 SO-DIMM memory slots. Maximum capacity is 64 GB, all at 2400 MT/s.

For storage, we simply find two M.2 slots and a SATA III, which is a bit limited for NAS. There are no PCIe slots, which will limit the use of SATA or M.2 controller cards.

However, the rear connectors feature a large number of Ethernet ports, eight in all and all driven by 2.5 GbE Intel I226-Vs.

Finally, the most interesting part of this product is the CPU, which features a Core i7 8705G. The latter, apart from its 4-core/8-thread configuration, is original in that it is supported by an AMD graphics unit. Here we find an RX Vega M GL with 20 compute units and 4 GB of HBM2 memory… The CPU is an Intel HD Graphics 630.

In short, an atypical configuration for very specific uses, priced at around €330.