A low-profile RTX 3050 6GB from ASUS!


A new graphics card has arrived from ASUS, and it’s not a very prestigious model. Quite the contrary, in fact, since we’re talking about a small, entry-level RTX 3050 6GB Low Profile. But there’s something for everyone, isn’t there?

ASUS lists a small RTX 3050 6 Go!

ASUS RTX 3050 6 Go Low ProfileOf course, this little card is still pretty basic compared with the Strix series in particular. However, it’s a card that will ensure a certain compactness with its half-height PCB as can be seen. At just 18.2 cm long, its length is also limited, so it’ll fit just about anywhere.

What’s more, the board’s GPU ensures sufficiently low power consumption to dispense with an auxiliary power connector. This model is entirely powered by its PCIe slot.

As for connectors, we find an old-fashioned DVI, followed by HDMI and DisplayPort.

Two versions of the card are offered, one running at reference frequencies, i.e. 1470 MHz boost. The overclocked version reaches 1507 MHz in boost mode, with the option of switching to OC Mode at 1537 MHz.

The cooling system is rather basic, featuring a simple aluminum block with machined fins. On top, two small fans cool everything.

As for price, once again, this won’t be the most expensive model on the market, with other cards in this style selling for around €200 to €220.

Here’s the ASUS product sheet!