6650 XT Hellhound Sakura: a pink card from PowerColor!


PowerColor announces a new graphics card with its RX 6650 XT Hellhound Sakura Edition. The card has the particularity of offering a pink and white color, a scheme that is not really in line with its reference “Hellhound” which means hellhound… But why not.

6650 XT Hellhound Sakura: pink hellhounds? Why not

PowerColor RX 6650XT Hellound Sakura EditionWith this new card, PowerColor offers us a reference with very particular colors. Indeed, we find a model with a PCB and a white casing. On their side, the fans have a pink lighting. And on the backplate, we have the right to the gray wolf head surrounded by pink flowers.

Otherwise, for the heatsink, it’s the usual recipe based on aluminum fins and copper heatpipes. However, it would be interesting to see how the GPU comes into contact with the fan tray: via a copper base, or direct touch heatpipes.

However, we are dealing with a card with factory overclocking since this model displays a boost to 2689 MHz against 2635 MHz for the reference card. As for the frequency, the 8 GB of GDDR6 run at 17.5 Gbps.

Finally, the connectivity highlights three DisplayPort and one HDMI. The power supply part will require an 8-pin PCIe connector.

For the price, we will have to look at the New Zealand which lists it at 799 NZD, or about 500 USD.

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