44 GPUs seized during customs clearance at Shanghai Pudong airport


A new episode in the seizure of smuggled goods by Chinese customs. This time, atotal of 44 graphics cards were seized at Shanghai Pudong airport. The cards were intended for resale as new in China.

Shanghai Pudong: 44 illegal graphics cards seized!

Shanghai PudongWhen passing through airport customs, your suitcase has to pass through a detector. This is what enabled customs personnel to get their hands on a very suspicious shipment. A passenger was carrying a very strange package containing a total of 44 reconditioned graphics cards.

Had these cleared customs, they would have been sold in China as new products. The aim of the maneuver was to maximize profits and avoid the various taxes that a customs declaration would have entailed.

This time, there were no far-fetched tricks or strange hiding places involved. In fact, it’s a shame, because some fraudsters use original tricks to get past the controls… Between goods hidden in scooters, in minibuses or even wrapped around oneself, there’s plenty to go around.

However, you should also be aware that if you get caught, customs officials can take legal action against you.