3060 Ti Mini OC: Colorful offers a new compact card!


Colorful offers us a new graphics card in mini format with its RTX 3060 Ti Mini OC LHR-V. An all-white card that shares the same heatsink and fairing as the non-Ti version. We talked about it here.

3060 Ti Mini Oc: a compact graphics card!

Colorful RTX 3060 Ti Mini OC After the 3060, it’s the turn of the 3060 Ti to go under this mini format at Colorful. We know the recipe for this: a PCB shortened to 184 mm in length. The heatsink will only occupy two expansion slots and only one 90mm fan. Despite this, the brand takes care of its card with a brushed aluminum plating and a nice backplate.

Basically, the card will run at the reference frequencies of the 3060 Ti with a boost reaching 1665 MHz. However, on the PCIe bracket, there is a button called “One-Key OC”. By pressing it, we benefit from a small gain at this level: 1680 MHz… Well, it does not break three legs to a duck, but it is always taken.

Otherwise, the rest of the connectivity provides three DisplayPort and an HDMI output. For the power supply, a single 8-pin PCIe connector is still required.

However, we do not yet know the selling price of this card.

Colorful’s datasheet is here!