12V-2×6 “H” vs 12VHPWR “H”, a difference in power!


With its RTX 40 series, NVIDIA has introduced a new power connector, the famous 12VHPWR. However, the latter tends to be capricious, if inserted incorrectly: it burns, if you bend the cable too much, it burns… Following numerous reports of burned RTX 4090s, a revision was proposed: the 12V-2×6. The latter has undergone some readjustments to its pin dimensions, making it safer. But there’s another difference!

12VHPWR “H” vs 12V-2×6 “H”, more watts supported!

12VHPWR vs 12V-2x6As we’ve seen in the past, with this 12V-2×6, PCI-SIG offers us a more reliable version of its connector… On paper, that is. The latest tests carried out by Igor’s Lab are not very reassuring!

On paper, the sensor pins have been shortened so that the config won’t start if the cable isn’t properly inserted. Similarly, the power pins are wider and offer a larger contact surface. The aim is to avoid overheating. Finally, the locking system has been revised.

Nevertheless, a small “H” and “H” marking can still be seen on these connectors. The latter determines the version of connector used on the graphics card. H denotes the original connector, H the new one. There’s also a difference in the maximum power supported. According to @wxnod, the new connector is capable of supporting up to 675W, compared with 600W for the original connector.

RTX 4070 vs RTX 4080 12VHPWR
On the left, the new connector, on the right, the old one

Finally, while all RTX Super cards use a 16-pin connector, some still use the original 12VHPWR. To recognize them without disassembling the board, simply look at the sensor pins. If they’re short, it’s the new connector!