Z690 Dark KingPin & Classified: two big motherboards from EVGA!


With the launch of this 12th generation of Core i, EVGA took the opportunity to announce two motherboards. The first one, the Z690 Dark KingPin, is a very high end model which is intended for big overclocking. The second one, the Z690 Classified is also not bad in its kind, that said, it will have to deal with a more conventional layout and less powerful power supply stages!

Z690 Dark KingPin : the best of the best from EVGA !

EVGA Z690 Dark Kingpin At the moment, it will be difficult to be exhaustive about the technical specifications of these cards since the brand has not announced them yet. However, with this KingPin version, we find the usual layout of Dark motherboards. Thus, the two memory bars are inserted horizontally. The same goes for the LGA-1700 socket and the power supply stages which are at -90° compared to usual.

However, this is a card designed to go for OC records. For this, we can count on a significant number of power supply stages: 21 phases in this case. Also, the PCB has a total of 10 layers. With this, we will not forget to mention all the equipment for the OC with the buttons for an out-of-case boot or the two small digital displays. The safe boot is still present, as well as the probelt header for measuring the different voltages from the board!

Z690 Classified : a little bit more mainstream, but still great !

EVGA Z690 Classified With the Classified version, same observation, the brand offers us a new high-end card. However, it has a more conventional organization with its four vertical memory slots, and the same goes for the socket.

Nevertheless, the card still has a large number of power supply stages with its 19 phases and the PCB still has 10 layers. As far as the equipment is concerned, we still have what we need for an out of case boot or the two digital displays. Nevertheless, we lose the voltage measurement points and surely other features related to the OC, even the extreme OC.

As for the connectivity, the connectivity remains similar to the KingPin with two PCIe x16. The storage part shows eight SATA III or three M.2 ports. However, there is no U.2 connector as on the previous model.

The price ?

For the time being, it is difficult to get ahead of ourselves in this area, as we have not yet been informed… Just like the detailed technical sheet of these two models. But be patient, it will happen!

Here is the announcement from EVGA !