Windows 10: Microsoft will charge for security updates!


The clock is ticking… You might not realize it, but it will soon be 10 years since Windows 10 was launched on the market. In fact, in October 2025, poof, end of support for the system, no more security updates… Unless you pay.

$427 for three more years of Windows 10 updates!

Windows 10

As we told you, from October 14, 2025, poof, no more support for the OS. The only option for enjoying a few more years of updates: opt for a special license. The latter, which can be purchased via Windows 365, offers extended support… But it’s not free. In fact, the first year will cost you something like $61.

After that, the cost doubles every year for the next three years. Year 2 is $122, then $244 for the third year. Worse still, if you decide in year 2 (2026), it will cost you the price of both years, 2025 and 2026, i.e. $305. In any case, the three-year total will cost you $427 whether you jump on the bandwagon or not… that is, unless you stop in midstream.

What’s more, for companies wishing to continue with this OS over a number of years, discounts of 25% are available on high-volume license purchases. In Year 1, the price drops from $61 to $45.

The question now is, are you ready to migrate to Windows 11, or would you prefer to pay for W10 security updates? That’s the question.