What new products to look out for at Computex 2024?


As you know, Computex 2024 is just around the corner. The 3 big players in the market, Nvidia, AMD and Intel, will be taking the floor at the opening (Nvidia has already done so, with a “pre-show” conference). So, are we going to be stunned (bored?) by a deluge of useless AI stuff, or are we likely to see some real announcements? Here are just a few of the announcements we could experience.

Computex 2024

AMD and Intel are expected to make big announcements.

  • The Ryzen 9000 will be arriving, which is no longer a surprise, but we could also see a whole series of CPUs “optimized” for the next evolution of Windows and Copilot-certified PCs (we’re thinking of the Strix Point APUs, which will be renamed Ryzen AI 300 to get in on the hype).
  • Intel is eagerly awaiting Lunar Lake, which should also be able to jump on the AI bandwagon. Given the leaks of motherboards with a new Intel chipset, it’s not impossible that we’ll also be hearing about Arrow Lake-S .

Computex 2024: but what about graphics cards?

The second half of 2024 is likely to be hectic on this front. For those who have been hibernating, 2024 should see :

  • nvidia Blackwell (GeForce RTX 5000)
  • AMD RDNA 4 cards (Radeon RX 8000)
  • The new-generation Intel Arc Battlemage.

As always, you’ll be able to follow the news in real time and in a “simplified” way on our website.

Computex 2024
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