Waterblocks for RTX 4090 STRIX also at Aquacomputer


We talked about it this morning with waterblocks for RTX 4090 at Watercool, it seems that Aquacomputer is also ready. The information comes from the Aquacomputer forum where the brand has unveiled renderings of the waterblock for ASUS RTX 4090 STRIX and TUF.

A waterblock with or without active backplate

This new waterblock comes in three different versions. We have the version with water cooled backplate, the version with heat pipe cooled backplate and a version without active backplate.

We have to start with the version with the XCS system. This version uses a heat pipe through the liquid to come and cool the backplate. It is the most compact solution for an active backplate. We also have the possibility to have the terminal in Vision version with screen.

The second version is the one with a water-cooled backplate directly. This is a solution implemented on the RTX 3090 to cool the memory on the back of the PCB more efficiently. But for use on a graphics card without memory on the back of the PCB, this kind of solution is very strange. This could point to an RTX 4090 ti with 48 Gb of GDDR6X. This version is therefore thicker than the XCS version and will require a compatible motherboard.

We don’t have exact information on the release date yet. All we know at the moment is the compatibility with ASUS RTX 4090 STRIX and TUF. And of course, that the RGB will be part of it.