Vida Slim: the slim AIOs from Silverstone are coming!


We were telling you about them mid-July and here they are at the beginning of August. We speak to you obviously about AIO slims from Silverstone, the Vida Slim. We are talking about water cooling kits in 120 mm and 240 mm with a thin radiator to fit anywhere!

Vida Slim: two Silverstone AIOs with a thin radiator!

Silverstone Vida Slim 240With this series of water cooling kits, the brand offers two references, one in 120 mm, the other in 240 mm. The latter have the particularity of being equipped with a thin radiator: 22 mm only. To get an idea, the “standard” radiator on an AIO is 27 mm, although on some references, it can reach 38 mm! In short, coupled with slim fans, this allows the brand to offer a set of 38 mm maximum. The kits will therefore fit into just about any case. Silverstone Vida Slim SeriesOtherwise, we learn that the pump is deported in the radiator. The latter has an operating speed of 4200 RPM. On the other side, the water block has a copper base, but no pump. The ventilation is provided by one or two slim fans optimized for pressure. These operate from 300 RPM to 1800 RPM. At full speed, the airflow will be 66.83 CFM and the static pressure will reach 2.59 mm H2O. Of course, we are curious to know the performance level offered by this type of cooling. The same goes for the price, which is not yet known.

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