USB-C will become the mandatory power standard


Cell phones, tablets, laptops, video game consoles and more, all new devices in these categories will need to be powered / charged via a USB-C port. There is a small time allowance for laptops, but the movement is on. It also corresponds to the “technical” rise of USB-C. These connectors are now extremely versatile, capable of simultaneously transferring data, carrying a video signal and charging devices up to 240W.


By fall 2024, USB-C will be the standard for charging

The European Union therefore requires by law that all products entering its territory meet these obligations. We immediately think of Apple, which will have to adapt quickly because it is likely that this movement is generalized to the entire global market. That leaves one sensitive area, laptops. For now, there is a time tolerance for manufacturers to adapt. From a technical point of view, with 240W of capacity, the vast majority of laptops will be able to charge with a USB-C cable. But in 2024, where will the consumption of these product families be? The evolutions to come, especially concerning graphic cards, already allow us to say that the theoretical 240W will not be enough for some ranges in a few months.

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