RX 7900 XTX Super Alloy from Vastarmor !


Vastarmor is a Chinese partner of AMD, and its catalog includes graphics cards with chips from the Reds’ catalog. Today, we learn that the company is unveiling a new model with the RX 7900 XTX Super Alloy, a real cinder block once again!

RX 7900 XTX Super Alloy: another cinder block!

Vastarmor RX 7900 XTX Super AlloyWith this card, we’re back to a massive model that will occupy more than three slots in a PC case, while measuring 33 cm in length. In short, you’ll need a spacious case, or it won’t fit.

The card also benefits from a cooling system featuring three 100 mm fans. These fans blow over thick blocks of aluminum fins crossed by copper heat pipes. Of course, a backplate is also present.

As far as frequencies are concerned, this model benefits from factory overclocking with a boost of up to 2680 MHz. Three 8-pin PCIe connectors provide sufficient power. And while we’re on the subject of connectivity, we’ll also mention the presence of three DisplayPort video outputs coupled with an HDMI.

As for the price, we learn from VideoCardz that it comes to 6,799 yuan, or around €873 after conversion.

Here’s the Vastarmor product sheet!