Underclock your Core i9 13900K/14900K for greater stability!


A new problem for Intel, as its spearheads, the 13900K and 14900K, prove to be unstable when heavily used. Unlocking the power limit is not a good idea. The result: stability problems, even when gaming on Unreal Engine!

Core i9 13900K and 14900K victims of instability!

Core i9 14900K 13900K

In concrete terms, these instabilities occur in games, particularly those using the Unreal Engine. When the problem occurs, the ” Out of video memory ” error appears. While at first glance this error seems to concern the graphics part, it seems that the CPU may be at fault.

After some investigation, two development studios, Gearbox and Fatshark, and NVIDIA, made the connection with the default settings on motherboard bios. Motherboards often display power/intensity limits of 4096W or amps when loaded with the original settings. The concern behind this: instabilities.

These instabilities can be encountered on Last of Us Part 1 when compiling shaders, for example. Via Guru3D, other intensive applications such as Cinebench or Prime95 can also lead to crashes.

The problem is that, in their constant quest for performance, bios totally override power limits. Yes, if there are no more limits, the CPU can reach high frequencies for longer, which is good for benchmarks… But less so for stability, power consumption and heating.

Apparently, to alleviate this problem, all you have to do is go to your motherboard’s bios and limit the power limit. Tom’s Hardware, for example, applied a limit of 275-300W and an amperage limit of 350A. The result was a perfectly stable Core i9 13900K, lower power consumption and temperatures 15°C cooler. This is clearly better, especially when we learn that the CPU usually runs ” OKLM ” at 100°C.

Core i9 14900K / 1300K
Image source: Tom’s Hardware

NVIDIA recommends, for example, that you underclock your processor by reducing its frequency by 200 MHz. Indirectly, this also has an impact on CPU power consumption.

In short, to improve the situation, or even correct the problem, you’ll need to take a look in the bios, in the “OC” section. Then, in the lines relating to the Power Limit, enter your values. By default, a Core i9 13900K and 14900K is 253W.

Finally, we learn that other processors such as the Core i7 13700K and 14700K have already encountered this problem.