Tutotest – Bartxstore ECO Pot and dry ice tutorial


Many of you have shown an interest in getting into extreme overclocking. One of the means and surely the one that requires a lower cost investment is the use of dry ice. For me, this is an excellent alternative to liquid nitrogen and the way to “get your hands dirty” before, why not, launching yourself into LN2. I was lucky enough to be able to do this test with the Bartxstore ECO pot !

The idea of this article/tutorial is to explain what you need to plan ahead, what you will need and how a dry ice session works. It is slightly different from nitrogen. The problem with dry ice is that the price can vary enormously from one distributor to another. Personally, a price of 2.5 €/Kg is what we still find acceptable but sometimes it can be well over 5 euros per kilo.

OK, but what do I need?