Tower 500: Thermaltake launches a mid-size case!


Thermaltake finally launches its Tower 500 case after an announcement in January. As a reminder, this is the intermediate model of the series. The big version is represented by the 900 model while the ITX declination is provided by the 100.

Tower 500: TT launches the medium tower version!

Thermaltake Tower 500As a reminder, this model displays a vertical format with imposing dimensions. Indeed, this model displays 388 (W) x 388 (D) x 608 (H) mm as well as a consequent weight: 14,8 kg.

Inside, the motherboard (E-ATX max) is installed at 90°, an original orientation, forcing the graphics card to take place vertically. Moreover, the CG benefits from 325 mm with power supply cover, 355 mm without. While we’re on the subject, the CPU cooling unit is not constrained by the height of 275 mm, while the power supply unit is 200 mm high.

The storage part could be consequent. The brand mentions four 3.5″ slots and eight 2.5″ slots. Or eight 3.5″ and none in 2.5″. In any case, it will be possible to install a lot of disks.

The cooling part could be consequent since we have no less than 11 slots in 120 mm. These are distributed as follows:

  • 120 mm x2 on the bottom
  • 120/140 mm x2 on the power supply cover
  • 120 mm x2 on the top
  • 120 mm x3 on the side
  • 120 mm x2 on the back

For the support of the watercooling radiators we can mount on 360 mm maximum on the side. Otherwise, in the top, we are forced to 280/240 mm against 240 mm max in the bottom.

Finally, as far as the price is concerned, it will be necessary to count $179.99, certainly, it is high, but it is the price of the originality. Note also that it will be possible to add a small LCD screen at the bottom for $99.99 to customize a little more its case.

Here is Thermaltake’s datasheet !