Toughfan RGB & Riing Trio 12 Transformed: the new TT fans!


At Thermaltake, there is a little news with the arrival of new fans since the brand announces two new references. First, we have the Riing Trio 12 Transformed for watercooling radiators. Otherwise, we have the Toughfan RGB, the same as those tested here but with a light!

Toughfan RGB: fans that go RGB!

Thermaltake Toughfan RGBIn the program, Thermaltake brings an RGB lighting to its Toughfan fan. At the same time, a TT product that does not receive lighting, it is suspicious all the same.

In short, with this model, we will have the right to an RGB lighting composed of a total of 24 diodes. However, these are located on the frame and not on the central hub. We can imagine that the brand wanted to keep the shape of these diodes without affecting the stability of the whole.

For the moment, no idea about its specifications, we just know that it will work at 2000 RPM maximum.

Riing 12 Trio Transform: a fan for radiators!

Thermaltake Toughfan RGB Riing Trio TransformedWith its Riing 12 Trio Transform, the company lets loose with a fan that comes with two blade shapes in the box. By default, we will have classic blades and a second set “reversed” as seen just above. Depending on the configuration, it will be up to you to change them because yes, the blades are detachable!

The other novelty brought by this model is the three independent diode rings. They are present at the front of the frame as well as at the rear and at the level of the engine. The mill has a total of 30 diodes, just that. Of course, like Toughfan RGB, the control can be done via the software TT RGB Plus and NeonMaker.

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For the moment no idea about the price, and the same goes for availability.