Thor Platinum II: new series of power supplies for Asus ROG!


We told you about it in october 2021the Thor Platinum II series from Asus ROG is now on the launch pad. For the time being, Asus is planning a total of three ultra neat blocks from an aesthetic point of view!

Thor Platinum II: ultra sleek power supplies!

Asus ROG Thor Platinum IIWith this series, the brand continues what it started with the initial range. This new generation arrives with a very flattering design and various features. We think first of all of the OLED display present on the side of the shell. This last one seems to be customizable and will allow to display various infos, notably the power consumed by the system. Idem, a lighting Aura is also of the part.

Otherwise, this series highlights three blocks with power ratings of 850W, 1000W and 1200W. The certification is also advantageous with 80+ Platinum.

From a connectivity point of view, we find a fully modular management of cables, logical on high-end models. In addition, some cables are sheathed strand by strand to enhance the aesthetics of the assembly. Finally, we should point out that this range features a 12-pin PCIe 5.0 connector.

Internally, we expect to have quality components, however, Asus focuses on cooling. For this, we have the right to large heatsinks and a 135 mm Axial-Tech fan with semi-passive operation.

For now, only the 1000W version is concerned by the launch and its price is 359 €. Let’s also mention that the warranty is long: 10 years. Finally, for the 1200W and 850W versions, you’ll have to be a little more patient since they should arrive in the first quarter.

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Here is the technical data sheet of Asus!