This is what the future AM5 socket will look like


Renderings of AMD’s next generation AM5 (LGA-1718) processor socket have been released by ExecutableFix. This modelling takes into account all the information accumulated so far about AMD’s upcoming AM5 socket which will support the next Ryzen processors in Zen 4 during 2022.

The next AMD Ryzen Raphael desktop processors will have a perfect square shape (45x45mm) but could have a relatively surprising IHS. The purpose of the latter would be to balance the thermal points of the different chiplets of this new generation. At this moment however, we can’t say if this is the solution that AMD will choose and if we will see these cut-outs on the next processors or if it will simply remain an interpretation of ExecutableFix for its rendering.

Of course, coming back to the socket itself, it will look relatively familiar to most of you, as its principle is similar to the Intel sockets of recent years.

Again, we remind you that the images here are only speculation. Meticulous speculation fuelled by a collection of all the data in circulation, but speculation nonetheless. We’ll probably have to wait a few months to see the final design of AMD’s next Zen 4 chip, and let’s remember that we should see one more CPU on AM4 before it bows out.

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