The white Ryujin III shows off in China!


We told you about the Ryujin III watercooling kit back in April this year. However, that was only the black version. The white version is, of course, in the pipeline, and will first be unveiled in China! The price, by the way, really stings: 3099 yuan!

Ryujin III White: the kit unveiled in China!

Asus Ryujin III 360As a reminder, with this series, Asus features a massive screen on top of its AIO pump. The latter features a 3.5″ diagonal, enabling the display of larger .gif files with more images.

Beneath this, we also find a small fan whose purpose is to cool the various elements located around the socket, such as the motherboard’s VRM radiators. The pump is an 8th-generation model operating at up to 3600 rpm.

The radiator is similar to that of the brand’s Ryuo IIIs, adopting a square design with an embossed ROG logo. It features aluminum construction and a total thickness of 30 mm.

Finally, as far as ventilation is concerned, this white version is equipped with in-house fans. They are unique in that they can be connected in series via the frame, thanks to a magnetic connector. Otherwise, they will operate at up to 2200 rpm while generating an airflow of 70.07 CFM and a static pressure of 3.88 mmH2O at full speed.

For the price, ITHome speaks of a 3099 yuan pricing without specifying the size of the radiator. After a quick look on, we find the series at 2499 yuan in 240 mm vs. 3199 yuan in 360 mm. After conversion, the prices are €317 and €406 respectively.

Click here and here for Asus product sheets!