The W790 WS is present in many OC records!


When AMD or Intel launch a new platform, it quickly gets into the hands ofoverclockers. They test the limits and nice scores start to bloom. Despite its workstation/server orientation, the Eagle Stream platform does not go through theoverclocking exercise. Thus, we find Splave equipped with a W790 WS from ASRock and a Xeon W7-2495X which takes the lead in no less than 32 categories!

Splave + W790 WS = 1st place in 32 categories!

ASRock W790 WS overclockingWe can’t say that the American overclocker Splave has been idle since the launch of the Sapphire Rapids… We can even say that it has been rather prolific since placing first in 32 different categories, it must be done! Although at the time of writing this article, the South Korean clocker Safedisk is slowly nibbling away at his list of achievements.

Anyway, Splave was leading either in the 24-core CPU categories or in Xeon W7-2495X and this, on many tests. One thinks in particular of the Cinebench series. But, in the lot, we find first places on GeekBench, wPrime, SuperPi, etc., etc..

Splave ASRock W790 WS

Anyway, big GG to Splave for his scores !

Here are the results with Xeon W7-2495X !