The RTX 4060 GPU shows itself!


The AD107-400-A1 GPU shows itself in pictures (via MEGAsizeGPU). For information, this is the chip of the RTX 4060, a card that we will call mid-range ” – “. The result is a GPU that is very small and is 27% more compact than the GA107.

AD107-400-A1: the GPU of the RTX 4060 27% more compact than the GA-107!

RTX 4060 GPU Die AD-107-350Clearly, it is a very small GPU that awaits the buyers of this RTX 4060. Indeed, the AD107 chip that makes up the card measures, in the end, only 146 mm². For comparison, the GA107 and TU117 found in the mobile versions of the RTX 3050 and GTX 1650 measures 200 mm ². Of course, this is partly due to the thinness of engraving that is used here: 5 nm.

That being said, we must also remember that this GPU will operate a small configuration. We therefore expect a chip containing 3072 cuda core. The latter is supported by a total of 6 GB of VRAM running at 17 Gbps on a 128-bit bus. The card will therefore offer a memory bandwidth of 272 GB/s. Finally, the L2 cache memory is 24 MB.

In addition, we have some information about the power consumption. Thus, the TGP of this model should be around 115W. In practice, we can expect a consumption of about 110W in game, 11W in video playback and 7W in idle.

As a reminder, this is a card with an advertised price of $299!