The RTX 40 mobile range is complete!


Clearly, NVIDIA’s RTX 40 Mobile series is complete and not subject to change in the medium term. All this from XMG/Schenker, expert manufacturers of high-end notebooks!

No new RTX 40 Mobile in sight?

XMG RTX 40 Mobile

The question of whether new laptop RTX 40s are planned is a legitimate one. Indeed, the Chameleon is said to be seriously working on RTX 40 Super, but according to the manufacturer, nothing of the sort is planned. If the post on the brand’s blog is to be believed, the offering should remain as it is, even in the medium term. This means that the brand is cutting off all hope of seeing larger GPUs or GPUs with more VRAM in the mobile sector.

It has to be said that, at present, the Chameleon’s range is rather comprehensive, with no less than five different models. These include the RTX 4050, RTX 4060, RTX 4070, RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 for the largest model. What’s more, each model comes in a Max-Q version, sharing similar features but with even lower TDPs, to fit into ever-slimmer and more compact machines.

In short, on this subject, XMG’s range will be confined to PCs that have already been released… At least, with NVIDIA GPUs.