The Pro W790E-Sage SE, the card used in all kinds of scores!


With its Pro W790E-Sage SE, Asus offered a solid card for Xeon Sapphire Rapids processors. Nevertheless, with this model, the brand’s objective is twofold: to offer a workstation card, but also a model capable of providing advanced overclocking. For the time being, the bet seems to be successful, ten world records have been broken with this model… And not to mention the first places in various categories.

Pro W790E-Sage SE: add 10 world records to the list!

Asus WS W790E-Sage SEDuring an event organised by Asus at its headquarters in Taiwan, overclockers were invited to push the card to its limits. The event was a success, as no less than 10 world records were set with this model.

First of all, the OGC team set the record on :

  • Cinebench R20: 49109 pts
  • Cinebench R23: 132484 pts
  • GeekBench 3 Multi : 391116 pts
  • GeekBench 4 Multi: 159691 pts

Next, Safedisk was doing well on :

  • XTU 2.0: 35971 pts
  • Y-Cruncher Pi 1B : 5 secs 330 ms
  • Y-Cruncher Pi 2,5B : 14 secs 862 ms
  • GPUPI for CPU 1B (v3.3) : 12 secs 923 ms
  • GeekBench 5 Multi : 67492 pts

Finally, the Hahagu clocker obtained a world first place on :

  • 3DMark CPU profile Max Threads: 41231 pts

All these world records were achieved with a 56-core Xeon W9-3495X. However, with a big platform like this, it doesn’t mean that the scores are easier to achieve. Indeed, with so many memory channels and RAM slots, it turns out that the card is that much harder to isolate from the condensation. Anyway, here are some nice scores. Otherwise, you can find our unboxing article by following this link.

Here are the nice scores on HWBot (in part) !