The end of the RTX 3050 8 Go… Make way for the RTX 3050 6 Go!


We’re heading for China, where we learn from the BoardChannel forum that the RTX 3050 8GB is set to disappear. The card will eventually be replaced by an RTX 3050 6GB. However, even if it bears the same name, its features have nothing in common with the original model!

RTX 3050 6 Go: the model that will replace the 8 Go version!

Nvidia RTX 3050

What we’ve learned is that NVIDIA is looking to offer an entry-level card “for the masses”. To this end, next January the company will launch a new variant of the RTX 3050. In addition to offering 25% less memory capacity, the GPU will also be neutered.

This new variant will feature an AD107-325 GPU with a total of 2048 cuda cores, distributed across 16 SMs. As a reminder, the original card, equipped with 8 GB, featured 2,560 cuda cores distributed across 20 SMs. As for frequency, it too is down: 1470 MHz, a reduction of 17%!

This reduction in the number of cores (and frequencies) also means lower power consumption. Depending on the board, it’s not impossible to find versions without an auxiliary power connector. At the same time, power consumption is expected to be between 70W and 100W, depending on the model.

What’s more, removing 2GB of VRAM and inserting a castrated GPU will also reduce the selling price. Rumor has it that the card should come in at under the symbolic €200 mark. This model would thus be in line with AMD’s RX 6600 and Intel’s Arc A580 and A750.