SuperPI 32M in less than 3 min with an i9 14900KF!


We’re off to the extreme overclocking scene with a new world record. Overclocker Safedisk has just achieved a new feat, running a SuperPi 32M in less than 3 minutes with an i9 14900KF!

i9 14900KF: less than 3 minutes on SuperPi 32M!

Record overclocking SuperPi 32M Core i9 14900KF

Of course, to break this record, we had to use a large configuration designed for extreme overclocking. Indeed, the motherboard was none other than an ASUS ROG Z790 Apex Encore, all coupled with a 14900KF. As for memory, we were treated to 32GB of G.Skill, initially running at 7800 MT/s in CL36. However, this memory was soon upgraded to 9000 MT/s in CL32-48-45-36-2T.

As for the processor, although it’s a 24-core, 32-thead model, during the test only four cores and four threads were active. Frequency was 8449.22 MHz, while VCore was pushed to 1.79V! Of course, to keep things from getting too hot, a bucket of liquid nitrogen was used.

As for the score, SafeDisk managed to complete SuperPi 32M in under 3 min. More precisely, its run was completed in 2 min, 59 sec and 919 ms. According to Wccftech‘s figures, out of the box, a 14900K is 5 min and 45 sec.

Here’s the Safedisk record!