Strong demand for RX 7900 in China?


Clearly, DELL’s announcement that AMD’s RX 7900s had been banned was a brand initiative. From what we’ve learned, the 7900 XTX and XT have not been banned after all, and are going like hotcakes. You’ll note what a happy mess this situation is. In the meantime, shortages are to be feared!

RX 7900: shortages in China!

AMD RX 7900

It would appear that the cards have not been banned from the Middle Kingdom, despite what DELL’s note suggested. In fact, it would appear that the brand is anticipating the future.

Nevertheless, cards continue to be imported into China, and the absence of the RTX 4090 puts AMD in a delicate position. Indeed, the company is reportedly finding it difficult to supply GPUs to its partners. The result is simple: more requests, more cards to be released, and a gradual break in production. However, prices seem to be holding steady, according to VideoCardz.

Meanwhile, supply is expected to be insufficient in the fourth quarter of 2023. The same applies to much of the first quarter of 2024.

For our part, it’s not impossible either that we’ll be affected by the strong demand for AMD cards in China. How could this happen? Quite simply, AMD would have to pull out all the stops over there, so that supplies in other regions would be disrupted by stock redirections.