Streacom teases the SG10 for Computex 2023!


In 2016, a new hardware project saw the light of day with the NSG S0, a passive cooling system integrated into a case. However, the participatory project does not go well and, despite the success of the financing (260 000 € on 150 000 €) nothing. Finally Streacom will join the dance in 2020 to carry the project by working on the SG10. And here we are, more than twenty days before the start of Computex with a teaser of the brand.

Streacom SG10: 600W dissipated passively, without fans!

Streacom SG10

With this project, the brand is working on a new case with a 100% passive cooling system. Here, there will be absolutely no fan. Nevertheless, the solution promises to be very powerful since it can dissipate up to 600W.

The operation of the beast is quite simple since we find blocks for the processor and the graphics card. This set contains a phase change liquid that will evaporate with the heat of the components and then will be routed through a large network of fins to be recondensed via a long system of heat pipes.

Streacom SG10

Visibly, it would be necessary to count on a capacity of dissipation of the order of 195W for the processor and 420W for the graphic part, the whole, at 35°C ambient. Of course, depending on the temperature of the room, the performance may vary.

Well, this time it’s the right one, and to see what the final product will look like, let’s wait until Computex!