Stolen RTX truck found


In November last year, in preparation for the holidays, a group of crooks hijacked a truckload of EVGA RTX 30 series graphics cards somewhere in California. This heist was officially reported by EVGA on their website.

camion RTX 30 vol Even if the total amount has never been communicated, we can easily imagine that the total loot is significant considering the price madness for the last few months. EVGA not being really used to “low cost” models, the bill had to be heavy. We learn today that some of the cards from this theft were found on sale in a Vietnamese store. If the store in question does not seem to be at the origin of the affair, it is obviously on the grill today. Indeed, one of its customers simply tried to register his 3080 Ti on the official website, which immediately set off all the warnings.

Camion RTX EVGA volées The store is now trying to open the umbrella but we can see in its statement that it is not totally clean in reality: 1- Our business was to import a lot of EVGA RTX 3080 Ti VGAs to Hoang Minh company, all new, with original packaging and 1 month warranty. Then KD friends sold items to retail customers, the rest are workers. The selling price is also cheaper than the market price and also only 1 month warranty. (Before the sale, the price is specified that it only includes 1 month warranty and the customer agreed to negotiate). 2- That the model numbers have not been checked, this is because it is a quick sale. 1 month warranty, 1 month to sell these GPUs, 1 month for the customer to ask for a refund if there is a problem. 3- Yesterday, a customer posted a message saying that by inserting the model number of their GPU on EVGA’s website, they were informed that this graphic was from a lost shipment from EVGA. At this point, we learned of the above and immediately made contact. 4- We still contacted Hoang Minh Company and received a response from them to take full responsibility and tell us to send the GPU shipment back to them. 5- It is true that we are only victims and there was no notice of this shipment. Whatever our responsibility, we ask for full responsibility. First of all, we sincerely apologize to our customers and propose the following solutions:

  • Always contact the customers who bought this GPU, after we apologize, we will inform them about the status of the above mentioned shipment.
  • Return the GPU, give back 100% of the money and derived expenses (if any). Even if the GPU used is old.
  • After that, we will proceed to return the GPU to Hoang Minh Computer as requested.
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