Sony to get into gaming peripherals?


Sony could be preparing to announce a new line of products in the gaming world. Instead of using the PlayStation brand, the Japanese company could simply give birth to a new brand called “Inzone”. This brand could be made official next week.

Sony casques gaming
on the left the wired model H3 and on the right the H7

Sony wants to diversify into gaming peripherals?

The leaks reveal the existence of three headsets and possibly screens dedicated to gaming. It is on the headsets that we have the most details with three products: The H3 is a wired product with a USB-C port with a physical volume wheel. We can make out a button labeled “NC / AMB” on the renders, which suggests that it might support noise cancellation and have an ambient audio mode. The H7 and H9, meanwhile, are wireless and can connect via Bluetooth or with an included USB dongle. Both have noise cancellation. These three models, which strongly resemble Sony’s existing Pulse headset, will likely work on PCs in addition to the PS5.

Sony casques gaming
The top-of-the-line H9

Regarding the screens, we are a bit more in the rumor mill than a real leak. Two versions could be unveiled soon. These monitors are obviously intended for PCs but would have “PlayStation-exclusive features,” including automatic HDR tone mapping. the more “premium” of these monitors will be intended for 4K games at 144 Hz, while the other will be more eSports oriented with Full HD at 240 Hz. Both devices have been described as “perfect for PS5” and have received VRR support (HDMI / G-Sync) and feature low latency (1ms GtG). Sony also kept HDR in mind (DisplayHDR600 in 4K/144Hz, DisplayHDR400 in FullHD/240Hz) for both monitors.

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