[Sim] Simucube throttle pedal


In October, Simucube unveiled their Active Pedal. A force feedback pedal for sim racers.At a cost of 2460euros… per pedal.
For a premium and novel product, the price is stiff but justified. But most sim-racers only need that pedal for the brake, and the Active Pedal is not as interesting for the accelerator or clutch.

Simucube are now releasing the accelerator pedal (passive) to make it a little more affordable, and not have to buy complete pedal sets from competitors to go with your active brake pedal.

It also makes perfect sense for a small company to keep their hardware engineers busy with new products while, the software team are still working on their active pedal with all the feedback from customers of the first batch.

The accelerator pedal, is pretty simple, but still brings something to the table : you don’t need any tool to adjust it. And that’s a major difference compared to the likes of Heusinkveld and VRS pedals. Newcomers will find it easy to adjust and not have to keep tools, bushings and springs close by.

Finally, the Fins are yet again sure that what they are offering is bulletproof, since they are providing a 5 years warranty to what they called a pedal “built like a tank” in there press release.


Finally the Throttle pedal can be bought separately for 281€ noVAT or in set with 1 or 2 active pedals for 2279€ and 4079 noVAT.