[Sim] Simucube pedals : Live test


In October, Simucube unveiled their Active Pedal. Basically a force feedback pedal for sim racers. With the use of industrial grade components and materials, this pedal should be the last you will need. But it comes at a cost… 2460euros. Yes it hurts, and that’s only for 1 pedal. Ideally you would use it for your brake since this is where most of the time will be gained on track. Unless you have enough cash for a set of 2, or 3…

Since the launch, the community is divided between, it being the next big step in simulation, and the outrageous cost, since a full set of professional pedals like the Heusinkveld Ultimate, would cost you 1,350euros.

Daniel Morad received his pedals in advance, and tried them live yesterday, tweaking the settings and comparing the feelings with the Mercedes AMG GT3 he is driving professionally. The live is available on twitch (click here).The feedback from his community was impressively positive.

As for the direct drive wheelbase, all the settings are all made on the software. They can also be shared and imported. Which will give amateurs, the chance to get pro drivers settings on cars that they really drive.

The most impressive features seemed to be the wheel locking, the ABS and gear shifting feedback. And since everything is controlled by the software, things will improve over time and that’s probably the best part.