[Sim] RTX 4090 triple monitor performance


Since sim racing is very particular compared to other games in terms of needs, Dan Suzuki (once again) tried the RTX 4090 on his rig.

One of the needs for sim immersion is to have a triple screen to better see the side action when passing or getting passed. And running 3 monitors requires a lot from thee GPU. Until now, no one would really want to push to triple 4K resolution, even if you had 4K monitors or TVs, since the frames would drop too much and having a choppy experience will not help your driving. So until now, triple 1440p was king.

Here are screen grabs for the test on iRacing. If you want the Assetto Corza Competizione results, you can check them at 7min on Dan’s video.

Even though, older games like iRacing are not using DLSS, we can clearly see the jump in performance with the RTX 4090. A 50% in performance increase in a single generation of GPU is huge. And the CPU now became the bottleneck for the first time.